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Rising Femme Retreats

Discover Your Inner Self Worth and Confidence

Welcome to a transformative experience designed exclusively for female founders like you. Our 3-day Rising Femme Retreat is dedicated to nurturing your self-worth, building rock solid self confidence while enhancing your entrepreneurial journey.

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A 3-Day Rising Femme Retreat designed especially for Female Business Owners within Australia.

Tempower Yourself, Elevate Your Business, Build Real Connections

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Why Attend?

  • → Empowerment: Unleash your full potential through emotional intelligence workshops and activities designed to boost self worth, self confidence and self-esteem.
  • → Networking: Connect with like-minded female founders with strong values, fostering a supportive community that lasts beyond the retreat.
  • → Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned Emotional Intelligence Educators, mentors and coaches who specialise in personal growth and decades of business leadership.
  • → Mindfulness: Integrate meditation, journalling, yoga, feminine fire dance and sacred body art clay painting to rejuvenate and reconnect the heart, mind and body.
  • → Inspiration: Gain insights from a varied range of female entrepreneurs, some who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success and others who are new and at the beginning of their journey.


The stunning and luxe The Wellness Farm, Broke, Hunter Valley, NSW.


Friday 6th, Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th September 2024

What is included?

  • → 3 x Full Days of Deep Immersion and Transformation
  • → 2 x Nights Luxury Country Accommodation
  • → 3 x Days No Phone or Technology
  • → 3 x Days Full Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Snacks
  • → Community Facebook Page
  • → Movement and Physical Training
  • → Guided Self Reflection Meditation + Journalling Practises
  • → Heal and Alchemise Relationship to Self, Masculine and Feminine
  • → Sound Healing + Breathwork Experience
  • → Sauna and Ice Bath Challenges
  • → Noble Silence Challenge
  • → Plus much more!
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What You'll Experience

  • → Day 1: Self-Discovery. Reflect on your journey and identify personal strengths. Interactive workshops on self-awareness and mindset shifting.
  • → Day 2: Empowerment. Techniques to boost self-confidence and assertiveness. Strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome and self-doubt.
  • → Day 3: Integration & Action. Develop a personalised action plan to apply newfound confidence in your business. Networking sessions and panel discussions with industry leaders.

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$2,000 twin share with single bed

Spaces are limited, so secure your place now to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and business growth. Join us at the Rising Femme Retreat and take the next step toward realising and stepping into your true full potential.

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Discover your inner strength and elevate your entrepreneurial journey with the Rising Femme Retreat. Let’s rise together!